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Tesserarivs (EN)

Profile Description

Tesserarivs is one of the most important functional positions in the Centuria. Responsible not only for the security of the military camp but also for the personal safety, property, and well-being of individuals present there during both day and night.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Contrary to appearances, this role is not limited to assigning night watches only. Below is the full range of tasks that this functional soldier must undertake:

Excvbia Nocta - Night Watch

Tesserarivs designates two contubernium tents (in special cases more or fewer) that will be on night watch. Considering their course, it is recommended that these tents be at least 4-person tents. This information is communicated to the appropriate decani in the middle of the day, along with the password for the day - tessera. Helpful in developing the password may be a soldier serving as a Latin teacher in the camp - magister latinae.

Guard's Attire

During the evening assembly, Tesserarivs informs soldiers about the required minimum equipment to have during the watch. Customarily, this includes full equipment (including helmet and armor), although night watches are exempt from wearing pilum and scutum, although these must be within the guard's "reach" in case of an unexpected attack on the camp (see below).

Guard's Duties

Tesserarivs reminds guards of their duties each time and personally ensures their proper execution.


  1. More often walks around the camp than stays in one place patrolling the area.
  2. On the command of the command, patrols the designated area near the castrum.
  3. Ensures the safety of people and their equipment in the camp.
  4. Guards the entrance to the camp and does not allow strangers who do not know the password. In the case of the appearance of special guests, he requests Tessarivs or other higher-ranking officers to make a decision on this matter.
  5. In case of detecting sudden or approaching external threats to the camp, immediately notifies Tessarivs or other higher-ranking officers.
  6. Guards the lighting in the camp - fires, oil lamps, and torches.

Additional Duties:

  1. The guard of the first shift must ensure the preparation of lighting in the camp well in advance (about 2 hours before the start of the night watch) and maintain the camp's lighting at full capacity.
  2. Guards of the second and third shifts maintain the camp's lighting level at their discretion so that the most important points of the camp are visible.
  3. The guard of the last shift must take care of cleaning the camp, especially around the kitchen. Also, chop wood and light a fire in the kitchen. Upon completing the service, wake up the Centurion or another officer according to Tessarivs's previous instructions.

Attention!!! The guard has a categorical prohibition on consuming alcoholic beverages both during duty and before duty on the designated day

Division of Watches:

  1. Within each selected contubernium for night duty, the highest-ranking soldier, the decanus, distributes individual watches according to his discretion, assigning one soldier to each watch from his tent.
  2. Watches are divided into 4 shifts. Starting around 23:00 and ending around 7:00. The time during watches is measured "by eye" until water clocks are brought from Rome to facilitate this process.
  3. In particular:
    o Excvbia Prima - from 23:00 to 1:00
    o Excvbia Secvnda - from 1:00 to 3:00
    o Excvbia Tertia - from 3:00 to 5:00
    o Excvbia Qvarta - from 5:00 to 7:00

Attention!!! 15 minutes before the end of the watch shift, it is necessary to wake up the relievers so that they have time to put on armor and prepare for duties. Pairing of guards other than designated by Tessarivs is not allowed.

Excvbia Qvotidiana - Day Watch
1. Tesserarivs is also responsible for protecting the camp from dawn to dusk.
o The camp is constantly closed except for designated short periods during the day when it is open to visitors.
o To maintain this state of affairs, Tesserarivs designates watches according to his discretion.

2. Watches are particularly important when the unit leaves the camp for an extended period, such as battle, march, drill shows, etc.
o Tesserarivs ensures that the remaining stock of soldiers and/or civilians can provide proper protection and discusses with them the places where they should stay during the absence of the main vexil